One island, three top delights

The landscape of the island may be barren and dry, typically Cycladic, however, the 85,48 sq m. of Mykonos and its 81 kms of coastline offer unique beauty spots that make it one true island paradise for holidays. Small and larger bays - Panormos, Korfos, Ornos, Elia, Kalafatis-,perfect beaches, low lying hills – Ai Lias Vorniotis on the west, Ai Lias Anomeritis on the east- quaint little villages and seaside resorts, make up the diverse image of the “island of the elite”, promising delightful moments to all visitors.

First delight: Quaintness & majestic images
(Chora & surroundings)

Quaintness & majestic images

Keeping intact its special features, the beautiful and quaint capital, Chora, is spreading along the west island coast and in the middle of a large gulf, formed by Tourlos and Agios Stefanos bay on the north and Korfos bay and Diakofti peninsula on the south. In the early morning hours, when only a few tourists are up and around, you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the whitewashed streets, absorbing the delightful images of the cubic houses, decorated with the blossoming bougainvilleas, of the small churches with the blue and white domes, the quaint windmills, the port with its colorful fishing boats that line side by side with mega yachts… All glittering under the sun, clean, steeped in tradition, are a feast to your eyes and welcome you to the island of the winds, which has managed to remain in the top list as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide.

The traffic in the market and the surrounding streets starts late in the morning, when the sun becomes hotter and the only way is… the way to the beach. The dense bus network, with frequent connections, offers the chance to visit the most beautiful beaches and the most picturesque villages. For those remaining in town, its worth walking along Matogianni street, its most commercial street, lined with famous stores, galleries and jewelries. At the numerous cafeterias and restaurant- bars you will enjoy coffee, snacks, ouzo and local delicacies, thus unwind in a cosmopolitan surrounding. The busiest areas are the squares of Mando Mavrogenous, Tria Pigadia and Lakka.

The Windmills in the small hill on the southeastern part of Chora are a nice walk, offering unparalleled views. If you are interested in the local tradition, pay a visit to Lena’s House in Tria Pigadia. One of the most photographed neighborhoods and undoubtedly a hot spot of Mykonos is Alefkandra or Little Venice, with the 18th- century mansions and their colorful balconies hanging above the waves. During sunset, the area is packed and all the cafes and restaurants are filled with people who flock to this narrow corner to get the best sunset glimpse.

Second Delight: Endless beach
Hopping & perfect seas

Endless beach, Hopping & Perfect Seas

The possibilities are endless and cater to all tastes. The western beaches are occupied by Tourlos and Aghios Stefanosvillages. However, the best are to be found in the south part of the island, well protected from the northern winds (meltemia). Megali Ammos, Ftelia and Korfos beaches are ideal for windsurfing, due to high winds. Those seeking more crowded beaches, head for Platys Gialos (an organized beach with golden sand), Psarou (one of the best and more popular on the island, meeting point of the elit and celebrities), Elia (a cosmopolitan, fully organized sandy beach), Ornos(filled with yachts and sunseekers), Aghios Ioannis (an organized beach facing Delos), Kalo Livadi (a popular and organized beach), Aghia Anna (with sunbeds but quiet), Kalafatis (awarded with a Blue Flag, a sports and windsurfing paradise), and the still quaint Paragka, which attracts the young and restless. Naturalists choose Paradise and Super Paradise while nudism is also allowed in the end of Panormos beach, in Elia and Paragka. For those who vote for quieter beaches, Agrari (with its golden sand and the clear blue waters), Foko, Mersini, the secluded Kapari and the spotless beach of Aghios Sostis are a must.

From Platys Gialos and Ornos you can take the boat to Paragka, Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia, Agrari, Platys Gialos, Psarou. (Association of boatmen Platis Yalos “Agios Artemios”, tel. +30 22890 22032)

Third Delight: Local tastes
& all-night fun

Local tastes & all-night fun

You can start your gourmet tours by tasting local delicacies in the traditional taverns and finish at high end fusion restaurants with more exclusive dining. We suggest that you stick to tradition or, at least not leave the island without tasting its local specialties: onion pies with trovoli cheese, snails with red sauce or rice, mackerel with capers, sea urchins with sauce vinegrette, scallops, mussels, kopanisti and xynotyro (2 local cheeses), marathokeftedes, spaghetti with garlic, asparagus with eggs and fried green tomatoes, aromatic mykonian louza (Dry, salted pork fillet).

For desert, try honey pies, with trovolia chees and honey baked on pastry, pasteli, a specialty made with sesame seed and almond confectionery, local soumada drink, made from almonds.

Mykonos gets high scores as far as entertainment concerned, with numerous bars and lounge clubs, which attract all sorts of fans and clubbers for endless dancing, all day and all night long.

From the beach bars (Tropicana Beach Bar, Solymar, Ammos) to the night clubs and bars (Pierros, Ramrod, Caprice, Semeli, Scandinavian Bar), the choices are endless and fun guaranteed.